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AccScentHD is now called ScentHD! With the new name and same powerful performance, we are able to deliver to you a more complete brand experience. The good news is that the AcScentHD cartridges will still work with your ScentHD machine and vise versa.

ScentHD and ScentAir have a long-term partnership that allows us to bring the ScentWave™ fragrance technology to residential consumers like you.

Unfortunately, the ScentWave fragrance machine is not available for purchase at this time.

NOTE: The commercial ScentWave product is very different from the ScentHD fragrance machine that can be purchased on our website. ScentHD cartridges will not work in ScentWave machines and vice versa.

The ScentHD fragrance machine covers up to 1,000 square feet of enclosed/indoor space. We recommend using 2 machines in rooms larger than 1,000 square foot or with vault ceilings to provide adequate fragrance coverage.

To use, plug in your ScentHD fragrance machine with the included power adapter. Next, follow the programing instructions included in the manual that offers you to have up to 2 different event settings and will allow you to adjust how much fragrance is released and how often. NOTE: Adjusting the fragrance intensity settings and timer up or down will determine how long you fragrance cartridge actually lasts. For additional usage instructions or to download a product manual, click here.

Although the machine isn't very loud, the machine does work by blowing air through a fan located in the back of the unit so some low-level noise is to be expected. The lower the fragrance intensity, the lower the noise volume will get. However, even at its highest settings, the majority of consumers are comfortable using the unit for extended periods of time with the noise of the fan relasing the fragrance.

The ScentHD fragrance machine uses a standard AC/DC Class 2 power unit with 110V power adapter that can be purchased here. A replacement power cord can also be purchased at Ebay™, Amazon™, or at a local store such as Home Depot™, Wal-Mart™, or Ace™ Hardware. The adapter model is LK-DC-120050.

We recommend that you place the machine in a space that is in an open area without any obstacles preventing the fragrance from being able to release into your home. However, in loft-style settings where the ceiling is vaulted, we recommend placing the machine at a higher point in the room as fragrance tends to "fall" versus rising in these settings. NOTE: Fragrance is released through the FRONT of the unit's air vents. Although you can place the machine in a hidden space, just be aware of any large items obstructing the airflow.

Each cartridge contains approximately 300 hours hours of fragrance. For example, if you program your ScentHD fragrance machine for 10 hours a day on the medium settings, you will get approximately 30 days of fragrance. If you use it for less time during the day or at lighter fragrance intensity levels, this will extend the life of your cartridge.

Yes! We just launched our new sample program that can be found within the Fragrances menu dropdown under Best Sellers or Shop All Products. The kit contains 24 of our most loved fragrances bundled together in our exclusive ScentHD sample kit, a printed card with an option for you to Choose Your Savings which will get you a total of $15 in savings! You can choose to take $5 off your next three subscription orders OR $5 off your next three non-subscription orders. Each sample card contains a scented peel back sticker plus detailed scent characterizations.
Securely replace the scented peel-back sticker to its original postion for future use throughout the year.

Fragrance popularity tends to vary based on the season. However, our most popular fragrances tend to be:

-Green Clover & Aloe
-Green Tea & Lemongrass
-Water Clover
-Eucalyptus Mint

Prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures and direct sunlight will affect the lifespan of your unopened ScentHD fragrance cartridge. However, an unopened cartridge will last approximately 3-5 months if stored in a cool, dark, and dry place. The best way to store an unopened fragrance cartridge is to wrap it tightly in aluminum foil then place it in a large, closed Ziploc type bag. This will help extend the fragrance life of your unopened cartridge.

ScentHD currently has two subscription options for you to chose from: Option 1: Monthly or Quarterly: You select and receive the same fragrance monthly (12 times per year) or Quarterly (4 times per year). Either option offers you a volume discount per unit.

Option 2: Fragrance of the Month: This is our most popular option. With this subscription, our fragrance experts preselect a curated assortment of the most seasonally relevant fragrances for you and send them to your door every month. As a bonus, you receive a special 20% discount with this option.

In either case, on the 26th of each month your ScentHD fragrance cartridge is automatically shipped to you and your credit card on file is charged.

At this time we do not offer a customizable subscription option although we are looking to make that additional feature available in 2019 once we work through some of the logistics. Once we make those changes, any existing or new subscribers will be notified and have the option to make adjustments to their subscriptions as desired.

You may cancel your subscription at any time. Simply contact our Customer Support team and they will be more than happy to make any adjustments to your subscription for you. They can be reached at 1-866-435-1832 or customersupport@scenthd.com during our normal business hours.

Once an order has been fully submitted, the customer will see a pending transaction on their bank account to authorize that the funds are available. The card will not actually be charged until the order ships, and then the pending transaction will actually post to the account.

As long as the order has not already been processed, we are more than happy to make changes to your order once it's been submitted. Just reach out to our customer support team so they can assist you.

At this time, we are only able to ship within the United States, although we are looking to expand to other countries in the future.

We try to ship your order as quickly possible and generally ship all orders within 48 hours Monday through Friday as long as the items are in stock. If you're requesting the order to be shipped on an expedited method, please be aware that processing and deliveries do not include weekends, meaning an order submitted Friday for overnight shipping will not ship until Monday. If you're unsure of which method to select when placing your order, please reach out to us for help.

If your purchase is within 30 days and you would like to request a return of a product to us, simply send an email to customersupport@scenthd.com containing your account name, order number if you have it, the product you are wanting to return, and the reason for the return request. Someone from our customer support team will be in touch with you for the next steps, including a shipping label for you and if applicable, refund information regarding your purchase. Please note: Sample Kits cannot be returned or refunded once they have left our facility.

If the return was authorized along with a refund, the shipment must first be received back in the same condition as discussed customer support at the time of the request. After receipt, the promised refund will then be issued to the card originally charged. We submit the refund within 24 hours of receipt of the shipment, then depending upon how quickly your bank processes these transactions, it can take 7-10 business days for the funds to deposit back into your account.

We ask that you contact us prior to sending any shipments back to avoid the shipment going to the wrong location or being lost, which will create a delay in your refund. Please submit your return request to us at customersupport@scenthd.com so we may authorize the return and provide you with the prepaid shipping label.