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Scentsicles — makers of your favorite scented ornament — is putting together a marketing campaign for the 2024 Holiday Season and we need your help!  

Scentsicles users know that real tree scent is an essential part of any Christmas season. We're looking for family photos that capture the joy, magic, and most of all the realness of the Christmas season.

Enter your photo for a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card if yours is selected.*

We're talking real Christmas memories, not the glossy, idealized stuff of greeting cards and cheesy movies.

  • The triumphant joy of getting the present you dreamed of for months
  • The agonizing tragedy when your sister got something better than you
  • The chaos of Mom trying to get all the food on the table and butts in seats, but Uncle Bobby and Uncle Freddy won't stop talking about the time they almost won State
  • The family tradition that seemed perfectly normal for years but when you describe it to your friends they look at you like you have three heads

*This campaign is subject to its terms and conditions; prize distribution for selected winners will be contingent upon approval of the campaign consent and release agreement.