Days Til Christmas
Make Your Tree Smell Fresh-Cut

With Our Truly Authentic Scented OrnamentsThere is something magical about the scent of a fresh-cut tree at Christmas time. ScentSicles scented ornaments bring the holidays to life with the authentic aroma of a real tree.

Here's How You Use Them (It's Super Simple)

Simply hang on a tree or place in wreaths, garland, or other décor to enjoy
holiday fragrance throughout your home. (Plus, they make great hostess and 'thank you' gifts).

Like a Forest in Every Bottle

We infuse each ornament with the purest, most authentic fragrance.

They Work

"I bought three different tree scents at Walmart and I love them! We don't have our tree up yet, but I've been using scentsicles in our home anyway (in our bathroom, closet, car, family room) just to get the holiday spirit going, and they work awesome." - 5 star review

"ScentSicles are the coolest invention since sliced bread. I have the most realistic looking (Just Cut) artificial tree, and yep, it smells like plastic. ScentSicles are a discreet way to bring the REAL scent of a live tree back into my home, now that I'm a busy working mom and I don't have the time or energy to fuss with a live one." - 5 star review

"I am so delighted to find ScentSicles this Christmas. We have an artificial tree so the best part of Christmas, the tree and the smell of outdoors, just isn't there. I have tried many products to bring this fragrance back into my home but none of them smell like ScentSicles. Now people can't believe that my tree isn't real and my living room smells wonderful." - 5 star review

The Word Is Out
Intrigued? (Or, as we like to say, InTREEgued?)

Meet Our Lumberjack

If you could smell ScentSicles through your screen, you'd know just how passionate we are about making artificial trees smell like the real deal. Until that happens, we'd like to tell you about a special nose we've convinced. Introducing our Lumberjack. He knows exactly what a freshly cut tree should smell like. If we can fool his sniffer, we think you'll be convinced too. ScentSicles smell exactly like a real tree.

Not Just Green In Color

We adore our beautiful planet. That's why ScentSicles start with an all-natural, biodegradable stick sourced from sustainably managed American forests. We infuse them with nothing but pure fragrance. We keep everything close to our home and yours here in the USA, so our carbon footprint is as planet-friendly as our product. We end with the most authentic holiday fragrance product on earth.

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Happiness Policy

We want the scent of a fresh-cut tree to bring a smile to your face. If you are not satisfied with ScentSicles scented ornaments we will glady give you another scent to try or offer you a refund. If you have any questions, please call 1-866-435-1832 or email us at