Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Scentsicles Scented Ornament, a proprietary and patent-protected product, is primarily made of sustainable paper and fragrance. We infuse safe fragrance and food-grade green dye into a specially made FSC-certified paper stick. Our fragrances contain a small amount of Bitrex, the world’s most bitter (and safe) substance to discourage fur babies, kiddos and the adventurous from chewing and digesting them.
Our fragrances contain natural oils such as fir, pine, balsam and cinnamon, combined with safe man-made, nature-identical, and nature-derived ingredients to ensure they not only smell like the real deal, but also go well beyond normal safety requirements.
Due to our years of knowhow, we are able to infuse a very high load of fragrance on each stick – much higher than the normal industry average – which is why our product works so well and lasts. Our paper comes from sustainable tree farms and the sticks are fully recyclable with normal paper once used.
Our Flameless Fragrance is made of the paper ribbon scraps that are generated in the making of our sticks (so we use the whole thing!). We dye the ribbons and infuse them with fragrance, and they’re also recyclable after use - just like our sticks.
Our scented star ornaments are made from a proprietary and patent-protected pulp formula that allows us to infuse the highest level of fragrance possible (which is why one star has about as much fragrance as 6 sticks!). Like everything else, our stars are also recyclable with paper after use.
Our unique formats with infused fragrance means there are no liquid spills or flames, and you can literally just set and forget (except the fragrance does its best to make you remember!) … and not worry at all.

Yes, a pack of six swirl hooks is included in every bottle of Scented Ornament
sticks, and our decorative star ornaments come with ribbons attached.

For best results, hang between the upper and middle portion of the tree toward the outer edge using the hooks provided, but make sure they are not in direct contact with any other ornaments. As with all fragrance products, this can create a reaction resulting in a damaged ornament.

You can also tie the sticks with wire to the top of wreaths and garland, but just don’t let them touch furniture, floors, painted or finished surfaces, other ornaments, or most fabrics. There’s always some fragrance on the surface – and like ANY fragrance – it likes to interact with certain materials which may cause damage. A good rule to follow is that they can touch the greenery, the metal hook or wire, and the air, but avoid everything else.

We recommend hanging all six ornament sticks on your tree. If the fragrance is too strong, then remove as needed. To keep that fresh-cut tree scent going strong all season long, simply add one or two more sticks every couple of weeks. Our decorative star ornaments are designed with the same amount of fragrance as six sticks, so one should be sufficient. If you have a larger room, higher ceilings, or really love that fresh-cut tree scent, you can always use more!

All of our products are thoroughly tested to ensure they will last at least 30 days in a normal-sized room at room temperature (without open windows). The Scented Ornaments are really designed to make the tree smell fresh-cut, not the entire house.

There are a variety of home environment issues that can cause the sticks to diffuse fragrance faster, including large open-air spaces, high ceilings, open doors & windows, placement near vents, high temperature or high air flow in the vicinity (eg a fan).

There is a lot of fragrance in that stick (about 45% of its weight), so it’s usually working even when you can’t smell it as much. If that happens, simply add one or two more.

We make Scentsicles products fresh every Christmas season and they are designed to be used in the year they were produced for the best experience. However, Scentsicles Scented Ornaments will reliably last around 2 years in the package if the lid is screwed on tightly or the package is not opened.

We take safety very seriously and our fragrances meet a strict standard for regulatory safety, which we enforce through fragrance certification with our vendors. However, fragrances are made of a lot of ingredients, and ours in particular have a lot of natural ingredients that some humans may have allergic reactions to.

If it’s a human allergic reaction or medical condition (i.e. COPD) you’re concerned about, unfortunately, we cannot give recommendations about interactions (or lack of interactions) that fragrances may cause to people with medical conditions. Scentsicles products do contain natural tree and other essential oils which may cause an allergic reaction for some people. We cannot guarantee that your specific condition or allergy will not be affected.

As far as the safety of your pets is concerned, we know how important that is – we have fur babies too! We advise, and state on our packaging, that our products should be kept out of the reach of children and pets. While our products do contain a bittering agent that should deter any pet or human from eating them, we cannot guarantee every person or pet has the same sensitivity. We recommend following your veterinarian’s guidelines, as well as only using our products in a place your pet cannot easily reach.

We do not currently offer any samples for our Scentsicles products, but they are most likely sold in a retailer near you and you can always smell before you buy in the store.

Scentsicles are available at many large (and smaller) retailers in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, UK, and several countries in Europe. For a list of most of our retailers, visit our Where to Buy page.

Fragranced product can be used in other glass, unfinished metal, or glazed ceramic containers. We recommend avoiding most plastics, any painted or finished container, any porous material and fabrics to avoid the risk of damage.

All of our products are thoroughly tested to ensure they will last at least 30 days in a normal-sized room at room temperature (without open windows). Flameless Fragrance is designed to be used in smaller rooms and spaces, such as bathrooms. If you put the lid on the tin, then the fragrance will last longer. Also, you can choose to stir the paper ribbons periodically to bring fresh fragrance to the surface.

Please contact a customer support representative at 1- 833-611-9563, 8:30am - 5pm EST, Monday thru Friday, or email us at