5 Fantastic Tree-Decorating Tips From The Pros

'Tis the season to trim the tree with your favorite decorations. To ensure your Christmas tree has style and personality, follow these five easy tree-decorating steps:

Start with lights: For pre-lit trees, fluff out the branches to distribute the lights evenly. For trees that need string lights, start at the top and work down, weaving lights in and out of the tree to achieve a sparkling glow.

Work from big to small: Once lights are set, decorate using the largest ornaments first and then move to the smallest. That means the first step is garland. A trendy garland alternative is sinamay ribbon because it's beautiful, easy to manipulate and can be used indoors and out. Again, start at the top and work down.

Add whimsy with florals and large bulbs: Now that you have a foundation upon which to build your dream tree, add in florals or coordinating bulbs, dispersing evenly. Remember, not all ornaments should hang from the tips of branches; try to work from the inside out to give your design depth.

Fill gaps with smaller ornaments and baubles: Smaller ornaments and special personal decorations are the last thing to add. Try hanging these items in groups of three, creating a triangle. It's good to mix shapes and textures to create visual interest. Keep in mind, if you have tiny tots, hang breakable ornaments out of reach.

Scent Ornament

Add wow with finishing touches: A star or angel are traditional tree toppers, but you can think outside the box with a bow, flower or anything meaningful to you. Finally, make any artificial tree smell like the real deal by adding ScentSicles scented ornaments. Try all six true-to-life scents to capture the classic fresh-cut Christmas tree smell you love.

Finally, step back to enjoy your beautiful Christmas tree. It's sure to be a lovely addition to your holiday celebration all season long.