How To Use Scent To Transform Your Home Into A Holiday Wonderland

The holidays are a delight for the senses. The decadent foods cause taste buds to dance. The splendid decor adds visual merriment throughout your home. Holiday tunes fill your ears with good cheer. But perhaps the most important sense of the holidays is the one that conjures up memories and helps build new ones: your sense of smell.

When it comes to amazing smells, nothing is quite like the holidays. The season is full of scents that inspire! From the amazing baked goods that tempt us at every turn, to the classic scent of a freshly cut holiday tree, there's something for every nose. Of course, there's not always time to bake those cookies from scratch and a lot of people opt for artificial trees, but don't fret. Here are a few easy ideas for infusing your home with the best scents of the holidays, so you can sit back, breathe deep and enjoy the season to the fullest.

The essence of a fresh-cut fir tree
Nearly 100 million households across the U.S. will display a Christmas tree, according to an American Christmas Tree Association survey, and of those trees displayed, 81 percent will be artificial trees. If your fake tree has you missing that real tree smell, there's a simple solution. ScentSicles scented ornaments are fragranced sticks designed to naturally blend in with an artificial Christmas tree. Simply hang the fragrance sticks as you would any ornament and the scent of fresh-cut Douglas fir will fragrance your tree with the smell of Christmas.

Wonderful wreath traditions
Many people still enjoy the centuries-old tradition of wreath hanging. Historically, these wreaths would weave together the sweet aromas of berries, evergreen and spice. Today, artificial wreaths and centerpieces offer the same visual appeal, but you can get the authentic smell you love with ScentSicles scented sprigs. Just tuck a few into your wreath and enjoy. Your guests won't ever guess it's artificial with such an authentic scent.

Spice is so nice
Whether it's a steaming hot mug of cider or the scent of spicy gingerbread in the oven, cinnamon is an iconic holiday scent. No need to get out the baking supplies to spice up your spaces! Infuse your home with the scent of cinnamon and warm up even during the coldest winter days with cinnamon scented ornaments by ScentSicles. Place in a glass or ceramic vase in rooms throughout your home and you'll instantly be transported to memories of leaving cookies for Santa to enjoy on his midnight mission.