The Holidays Are Here: Expectations Vs. Reality

Picture it: a perfect Christmas season. Lights aglow, laughter filling the air and the beautiful aroma of classic scents of Christmas filling your home. When the holidays first kick off, we all dream up this unreal expectation for the season. But let’s face it, the “perfect Christmas” dream just isn’t reality.

What’s more likely? The lights will be a tangled mess when you take them out of their 9-month storage slumber, the kids will inevitably argue and one (or more) of your holiday dishes will just not turn out quite right.

We’re here to tell you that reality is A-OK in our book! We’re all only human, and it’s no use stressing ourselves out over an un-realistic Pinterest-worthy Christmas. At ScentSicles, we believe the secret to having a truly fa-la-la-ahh holiday is accepting (and embracing) the reality of the situation! For example…


Expectation: DIY Décor 
Reality: DIY Disasters

Is it just us, or is the pressure to partake in DIY culture even higher during the holiday season? All that time and effort for a dish or decoration that will never meet the expectation of the original anyway (face it, we’re not all Picasso’s). There are a lucky few who are gifted with the crafting bug, but if this isn’t you, we’re here to tell you there’s zero shame in store-bought everything. Whether handmade or handpicked, the reality is that any holiday décor is sure to bring brightness to your Christmas!


Expectation: Wrapped With A Bow
Reality: Why Wrap It When You Can Bag It?

Neatly wrapped gifts sitting pretty under the tree are a hallmark of any storybook Christmas setting. But the work each perfectly pressed corner and carefully tied bow takes to get there can stress even the most zen among us. Our version of reality? Forgo the scissors, tape, paper cuts and weird folds in favor of easy, breezy gift bags. Bonus: you can reuse the bags next year. Two birds, meet one stone (and a judgement free zone).

Expectation: Chopping Down That Tree
Reality: Faux is So The Way To Go

Be honest: can you tell if this tree real or artificial? Nope? Us either. Real trees are a pretty dream, but we’re all about the faux fir if it means we get to skip lugging it into the house, crawling underneath to water it daily and having to constantly vacuum the fir needles off the floor. Artificial trees make for a no-mess, less stress holiday and can be reused year after year. Plus they are customizable to your holiday décor and aesthetic! Added bonus: with ScentSicles you can always get that fresh-cut Christmas tree smell with none of the headache. Now that’s a reality we want to live in.